Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Back in the saddle and havin a good time

I know, I know.........Again its been a while.Like I said I'm back in the saddle again.

First off I'd like to thank all of those on our email list for there great response to the email we sent out and how much we appreciate all of you who purchased from us through our etsy shop.

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Okay so Tony and I went to Greensboro,NC this past weekend to visit our fabulous and beautiful
friends Christina and Greg, whom we stayed with and Aten better known as "Phoenix".
We had the best time!
This is a special group.....Christina, being italiana is an unbelievable cook and a mad hola hooper.
She also has begun designing jewlery and her design style is just beautiful. I'm trying to talk her into an etsy shop.And talk about a great hostess.......God I just love her........

Christinas boy friend Greg used to live and work in L.A. designing armor and costumes for moves. So do you know what that means? Metal smithing on a big scale........he and Tony got along so great. So many things in common.

Then we have Phoenix.........What a beautiful person.He spins fire.Yes I said fire.Tonys dream.....

What a great group of friends........We had dinner at Christinas with Greg and Phoenix on saturday and on sunday we went to a birthday party for Patika.
Thanks to all our new friends for making us feel so welcomed.We love you all and cant wait to see you again.

Tony and Phoenix.

Christina and Greg.

Christina and the birthday girl Patika.
Phoenix spinning fire.
Patika and her fire hola hoop.
Like I said .....Back in the saddle and havin a good time!


Erica Hays said...

Poi and fire hooping all in one weekend? Dude, I need to hang out with you guys more often - I love hooping but I have yet to fire hoop! That would be so fun!

lynne h said...

hey! it looks like you guys are havin a good time for sure! and your friends are beautiful!! a fire hula hoop... dang...

so tony, will you be spinning fire soon? : )


Anonymous said...

What a fabulous time! You guys were the BEST guests. Can you believe I am just getting around to reading your blog?! Hope you are enjoying the beach. May our paths cross again soon...Love you much!