Saturday, June 27, 2009

Etsy Update !

Finally I've got a few good pictures!

I have been working really hard on the photos but I'm stuggling with the new camera.So bare with me.

Thank you Zen for teaching me patience.Your such a sweet boy.........

Okay so the etsy update.....Here are a few pics.

Check it out.........I think I put 8 new pieces up.

So Tony and I have been really enjoying Greenville,SC. Just a short ride up the road from us.

Last weekend we went to the Reedy River Falls Park for an outside play of

A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Heres Puck........

And the Fairy Queen and all her little fairys.

Tony was soooo happy! He loves this play.

More pictures of Reedy River Falls Park right in downtown Greenville.

Downtown Greenville is really beautiful.

Oh and I'm loving my new ride! I can go anywhere I want to and Tony doesnt have to take me! I'm sure some are wondering about this, what does she mean?

Well for the last 5years I've been carless and Tony's truck is a stick shift and I didnt want to learn how to drive it.So he had to haul my butt around and it wasnt somthing he always enjoyed doing but did willingly.I couldnt ask for a better husband and I dont always say it but I know how lucky I am...........

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Element Of Surprise

We are back from Bead & Button. WOW ! What a great show this year...........I'm so glad its over.
Tony and I are worn-out.

So we came home and went shopping.

This is what I got!

I have wanted one of these cars since they first came out and finally its mine!

The Honda Element.........hummmmmmm

Okay so the other purchase was a new camera.This is why........

The Death Of A Camera .........

The Culprit.........

The night befor we left for B & B we went for dinner and it was the first time we had really left Zen and Lucy home alone for that long.Well it would seem Zen has seteration anxiety.He has never chewed anything but his toys and Lucy.

He also chewed Tonys $150.00 torch glasses.

So you may be asking .......Why are these things just lying around for him to get to?

They where not..........The camera was on my desk and he just helped himself onto the desk and cleard it off.

The same with Tonys glasses.They where on his work station and he just helped himself once again and puled thing to the floor.
I'm sure once things where down he had help.

You just got to love them...........I could'nt even get mad.They look at you with those sweet little faces and I just want to kiss them.

Lesson learnd.If we go out they go to doggie daycare.So spoiled.......

So I'm still learing the new camera and working on an update for etsy.I have restocked a few things so check them out.I'll have the new items up this week and a news letter out next week.Be on the look-out.

Untill then.........