Thursday, July 17, 2008

Picture Frames

So here are a few of the picture frames my daughter Ashleigh and I are making.We just need to add sayings to them and i'll get them up on etsy.

So if you have any beautiful words you'd like to offer up please feel free. I'm allways searching for beautiful sayings.

So heres a picture of my baby girl and me.She's so beautiful and such a great wife and mother.I'm so blessed to have such an inspirational daughter.

We are off to Charelston,Sc in the morning.I'll be teaching at The Beaded Venus saterday and sunday. Chain makeing w/PMC and rings.

Have a great weekend......Lisa

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Art Day With Our Girls

What a great day!
Lets see......Paintting, Coloring, sidewalk chaulk on the cement studio floor, bike ridding in the 2200 sq.ft of the studio and did i mention tatoos? Yes ,sponge bob tatoos.....
we all had so much fun and Ashleigh ( my daughter) and i got to work on our beautiful frames we are making.Photos of those soon.
So anyway heres a day in our life with our girls.

Heres Ash,working on a design for our frames.Kassy....She's so focused.Nathea and the studio floor.Sponge Bob tatoos......Oh and i forgot to mention .......Tony and the girls learning how to build wax trees.We'll have them casting in no time.These are the best times in our lives.Such joy........

Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Loft and Studio

Okay so here it is.We are just tickled with this space and want to share it .So several pictures and as we get things organized there will be more.We are still working on our studio space but its coming along and its going to be fantastic, it is fantastic! 2200 square feet of studio work space..
Tony in the alley finding treasures.2200 square feet of living/loft space.
WOW! Studio space in the process of organizing.

So much to do and so much space to do it in! I still cant believe that we have this entire building.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th with friends

wow what a great 4th of july.
Our very best and dear friends Lynn Daley and Anne Choi came to spend a few days with us in our new 4,400sf loft and studio. Yes thats right I said 4,400 square feet.
We have been so excited about our new space and finally we had company. I'm sure its safe to say they loved it as much as we do.Thanks so much girls for sharing in our excitment.
Our little town of Inman,SC had a parade and street festival that the four of us attended ,Tony made us a fabulous lunch and we hung out and talked shop.
Heres Tony and Lynn......
And heres Tony and Anne.......

We all decided that a movie would be a good way to spend the evening, so we went to see Mongol .None of us where diapointed.That was a great movie and I cant wait to see the next one.

Tony said the are making a trilogy.

So on the way home we got to see fireworks from three sides of our little down town loft.It was so cool standing in the alley and watching the show.How lucky we are to be blessed with great friends and a wonderful new home.

more pics of the Loft/Studio soon.........