Monday, March 30, 2009

The winner is........

First of all thanks to all of you who commented. I love to know when your there and actually reading what I have to say.Although its not always emotional,very personal,intellectual or even very intresting I still want to know I'm doing this for a reason and that reason is you .Each and every one of you out there. Thank you so much!
Okay on to the Fairy! Yippy! So shoot me an email with your shipping info and I'll get your goodies out to you.
So I get asked alot what inspires me and always my first response is that I can.I can.....That inspires me. We are all so programed to think we have to grow up ,go to school,get married,have a good job and a family.Our art,our talents are suppressed by society and what they think is how we should be.Well I've never done anything the right way.I quit high scool,had a baby out of wed lock,I didnt go to collage and i didnt get married because everyone said I needed a father for my daughter. I waited till I found the perfect man not only for me but also for my daughter.Tony........Those of you who know him,do I need to say more?
Together Tony and I discoverd our suppressed artistic talents and pulled them out from the deep,deep places they where hidden.We did this together,and thats soooo inspiring.
So maybe thats a little fruity for you ,but it really means somthing to me and I couldnt be happier with the out come.
On another note things that inspire me are old wharehouses and old city buildings.Nuts and bolts that you find in the allyways of the city streets.
Heres a few pictures of our walk this morning and some of the inspiration of my own little town...........

Okay and here are some of our little Lucy........

Lulu and her man.....
This girl loves her some sticks!

She's so beautiful........

Monday, March 23, 2009

Etsy update

Hello everyone.Well I'm back from Santa Fe and yes it was a beautiful trip.I just love Santa Fe!

So I updated our etsy shop today with plenty of new goodies so please be sure to check them out.
And I believe its time for a giveaway...........Lets see what should we giveaway?
One of our new resin filled bezels with a piece of vintage newspaper inside?

Or maybe one of our new bezels that are empty and you can fill it with your own image and resin.
Oh or what about our new alchemy symbols.I'm calling this one "prosperity".Years ago someone carved this for me in a trade but did not tell me the meaning so I named it .I have 2 other alchemy symbols in our etsy shop........Check them out.

So I think we'll giveaway all three!
Okay so you know the drill........Leave a comment and at the end of the week I'll put everyones name that commented in a hat and draw one for the winner.Let me know what you think of the new pieces. Plenty of more new goodies in our etsy shop also.

But here are a few more new goodies.......

This is my favorit new toggle! We sold out of it already on etsy but never fear,Tony will be doing another casting this weekend.

This is not posted yet but I'll have it up soon.Bronze,silver and copper riveted together for a beautiful bohemian look.

Here is one of these pieces added with one of our new bezels.

Well I could keep going but I'll stop now and save some for next time.

Make sure you leave a comment to get your name in the hat for the drawing.......

Friday, March 6, 2009

work in progress

We have been so buisy getting ready for the Bead Fest Santa Fe show March 12 - 15.So I just wanted to show a few photos of our work in progress.

Here are my little light charms.

And a few new toggle designs waiting to be molded and cast.

These are fresh from a casting just waiting to be polished.

I'll try to add pictures of our progress from now untill I leave on next wednesday.Lots of work to do between now and