Thursday, May 1, 2008

New Website and Etsy Shop

We are so excited!

For the past several years we had someone else managing our website and doing an incredible job.But we really wanted to take on this challenge ourselves so with the help of good friends we have a start. Check out the website at and our new etsy shop .We actually have things there for sale,like the tortured hearts!So check it out and we'll have more on the website soon. Be patient with us we are really just learning how to do all this stuff.
While we where in Atlanta working on the web stuff Tony did a casting in bronze with Anne Choi.
wow! Wait till you see those pieces.There are wings,links and other findings and they look beautiful. With the bronze you can get great patinas like a green that looks as if its been out in the elements for a long time.Little treasures.I cant wait for you to see them! I'll try to get them finished and up later today.
Thanks again to our friends who have encouraged us to take this leap.