Friday, August 29, 2008


Oh yes, thats right i said V A C A T I O N.!

Its been awhile since we've done a trip without business tied into it.So we are headed to Nags Head,NC the outer banks. We are so excuted!We are staying in a house on the beach!

So we will be away from our computer for the week.Then we'll get back to bloging.

Talk to ya next week.....

Just want to leave you with this picture of a new piece Tony cast tonight.......

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"I Want To Wear Boot's"

yes i want to wear's been a i know there is more to come...yet yesterday we recived some loooooong needed rain...and this morning it is kind-of cool and still misting rain...soooooo it was a good morning to put on my fav boots...

go out on the landing and have a hot cup of coffee...there's something bout a good pair of boots...and these are the best...and as soon as i went out this morning...felt the cool...damp...air...well lets just boots were calling me...tucked away in the dark...lonely... regions of the closet...wanting me to wipe away the dust they had collected over the summer...wear them out into the rain...step into a few puddles...kick a rock are 2...just get them warmed up for the cooler weather that we hope is not to far away...these are good boots...

soooooo...we went out for a walk...and took the camera with us for a few shots of our alley and things that were wet from the i'll share some of them...this is an old busted tv in the parking lot behind our place...

kind of cool that the rock that busted the screen is still laying also makes me wonder as to how much more work i'd get done and how much more creative i'd be if i did this with my own tv's...this photo makes me think...

oh by the way lisa and her bare feet joined me and my boots for coffee also...i had failed to tell her there was a "boot requirement"...we let her us join us anyway cause she has that cute thing going for her...well this will be my parting shot...with coffee in hand and boot's on feet i go inside to finish my a few pages...and go to work.........i think i'll wear my boots all day...

Sunday, August 24, 2008


This has been a lonely weekend for me since Tony has been gone. I know you'd think i would enjoy the time apart since we are always together. But not so......Ya maybe the first day with all my junk food that as soon as he was gone i went out and got. Its weird when he's not here and i cant imagine ever being without him.........He's my best friend and my forever love.......

So this morning i decided to paint and this is for Tony.

I always love spending my mornings drinking coffee and painting/journaling and its been awhile since i've done it.

Self portrait? Maybe.......

Friday, August 22, 2008

Making collage paper

Something Ashleigh and I are working on........

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Heres to Friends

Remember these tattoos? Lynne and Andrea......

Its a friend thing.....Two of my friends have this same tattoo, girls are so funny.
Whats some of the fun and wierd things you've done with your peeps? Nothing to weird and lets keep it clean.......

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


How sweet is this girl? We have been baby sitting Millie for the past week and she goes home in the morning.I love having a dog in the house .......It makes me miss our boy Marcel whom we lost this past tears.......

Carmela,Me and Marcel.......We miss you both.....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hands at Work

Tony's been working so hard and his hands are paying the price.Heres a small view of what it takes to get our work done.

So much work still to be done before Tony leaves on thursday........

Monday, August 18, 2008

And The Winner Is......

First off a thanks to everyone who left a message and a pic of there studio.

The lucky winner is......

Thanks Lorelei, send me am email with your mailing address and i'll send your prize.

Are you wandering what Lorelei won? Well i made a pair of earings with the new bronze clay and added PMC with it. I've hammerd the texture in both pieces.

So I really love the bronze clay and i'm working on several more pieces, most of which will be with Tony this weekend in Philadelphia at the Bead Fest show. Make sure you stop by and say hello to Tony if your going to the show.

I will be teaching a PMC ring class this weekend in Asheville,NC at Cheveron Bead store.If your in the area and would like to join us you can call Cheveron to register 828-236-2323.

I made a mistake on our schedule and over booked us for the up comming weekend sooooo we will not be in Atlanta. Sorry........

I have a new plan for blogging and that is to post something every day(except for when we are both traveling out of town) a picture ,a word, whatever.Lets just put me to the challenge and see what happens.

I was visiting Lorelei's blog and she was talking about the challenges of blogging.There are so many but i think one of the biggest is we like to see that people are responding to the blogs and if your not we and i mean I am not motivated to keep blogging or post more often.So if your reading the blogs please leave a reply so we/i know your out there and your intrested.

We love to hear from you! You are our inspiration........untill tomorrow.........

Monday, August 11, 2008

Lisa's Studio

Well i finally got around to painting and organizing my studio. I love this space and really never want to leave it........

In the begining there was cream walls and grey floors..........I could not do that and be happy working so i changed it up a bit.

My new floor color is Quite Red.The walls are Turquoise Tint and Crushed Cumin.

I like to have my morning java here and plan my day......Or read magazines.

Love,Love, Love this space.

So any hoo, Ive been working with the new Bronze clay and love it!

I really like the way it feels.Its so pliable and you have a longer working time before it starts to dry.

I'll get it fired this week and put more pics up of the finished pieces.

Have I told you how much i love my new studio?

I would really enjoy seeing some of your studios. If you respond to this blog with a link to your blog and photos of your studio, i'll have a drawing at the end of the week and the winner will get one of my new Bronze clay finished pieces.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Back in the saddle and havin a good time

I know, I know.........Again its been a while.Like I said I'm back in the saddle again.

First off I'd like to thank all of those on our email list for there great response to the email we sent out and how much we appreciate all of you who purchased from us through our etsy shop.

If your not on the email list then please go to the main page of our web site to register your email with us. Every month we will be sending out a email/news letter with info on our newest treasures and where we will be teaching and at what shows we will be at.

Okay so Tony and I went to Greensboro,NC this past weekend to visit our fabulous and beautiful
friends Christina and Greg, whom we stayed with and Aten better known as "Phoenix".
We had the best time!
This is a special group.....Christina, being italiana is an unbelievable cook and a mad hola hooper.
She also has begun designing jewlery and her design style is just beautiful. I'm trying to talk her into an etsy shop.And talk about a great hostess.......God I just love her........

Christinas boy friend Greg used to live and work in L.A. designing armor and costumes for moves. So do you know what that means? Metal smithing on a big scale........he and Tony got along so great. So many things in common.

Then we have Phoenix.........What a beautiful person.He spins fire.Yes I said fire.Tonys dream.....

What a great group of friends........We had dinner at Christinas with Greg and Phoenix on saturday and on sunday we went to a birthday party for Patika.
Thanks to all our new friends for making us feel so welcomed.We love you all and cant wait to see you again.

Tony and Phoenix.

Christina and Greg.

Christina and the birthday girl Patika.
Phoenix spinning fire.
Patika and her fire hola hoop.
Like I said .....Back in the saddle and havin a good time!