Monday, August 11, 2008

Lisa's Studio

Well i finally got around to painting and organizing my studio. I love this space and really never want to leave it........

In the begining there was cream walls and grey floors..........I could not do that and be happy working so i changed it up a bit.

My new floor color is Quite Red.The walls are Turquoise Tint and Crushed Cumin.

I like to have my morning java here and plan my day......Or read magazines.

Love,Love, Love this space.

So any hoo, Ive been working with the new Bronze clay and love it!

I really like the way it feels.Its so pliable and you have a longer working time before it starts to dry.

I'll get it fired this week and put more pics up of the finished pieces.

Have I told you how much i love my new studio?

I would really enjoy seeing some of your studios. If you respond to this blog with a link to your blog and photos of your studio, i'll have a drawing at the end of the week and the winner will get one of my new Bronze clay finished pieces.


lynne h said...

omg, i LOVE this space, lisa! woo! it feels creative and looks fabulous!!

so are we supposed to put a pic of our studio on our blog? sheesh! tell me what i need to do to get in the drawing!

here's a link to my blog...


Tony and Lisa Blackwell said...

Hi Lynnie,
yea so next time you blog post a pic of studio space.
i was just on your blog and it is beautiful as always.your so talented.
miss you....lisa

lynne h said...

okay, i'm on it. : )

miss you...


Lynn said...

Unfair! I don't have a blog, nor do I have studio space -- however, I do have a office/study/library -- does that count?


Tony and Lisa Blackwell said...

Okay so you may not have a blog or a studio, so i'll put your name in the hat just because you'v responded to this blog.I want everyone to have a chance at winning.
And yes Lynn,office/studio/library counts and since ive seen yours first hand it counts even more.

Lorelei said...

Hi Lisa!
Wow, it took me forever to find the post I did about my studio space, but while searching I realized how cool my blog is! I'm really impressed with it! Who knew that when I started blogging last year, I would have had almost 10,000 views. wow!
I digress, here's the link to my post about my studio space. It needs a makeover and I'm anxious to go with a nice beautiful teal color much like yours. SO colorful and cheerful and inspiring. Love it.

Tony and Lisa Blackwell said...

Thanks Lorelei,
Your studio space looks great.I've been by your blog and love it and your work is beautiful.
Thanks for stopin by ....See ya at your blog.....Lisa

kvk jewelry said...

Hey sweetie!
The colors are excellent! I love the feeling of going into "my space" and feeling enveloped by its energy, sucked in and welcomed. So glad yours has been transformed.
Just ordered my bronze clay yesterday - really excited about the prospects!
Feeling kind of lonely here in PT - missing our speed walks and my buddies just around the corner.
ttfn - kvk

Tony and Lisa Blackwell said...

i'll be fireing that bronze yield today so i'll let you know how it turns out.I really liked working with it, i think you'll love it.
You and Lynn should both make a trip here....that would be so much fun!

Anonymous said...

You guys are just so creative and inspirational. Several months ago I turned my spare bedroom into a studio but I've still not painted it and now I'm inspired to get busy. What a great space you have! Enjoy.
Chicago, IL

Tonya Davidson said...

Congrats again on your wonderful space. Maybe some day I'll get out your way and see it in person!

Here's a link to my blog

on the left side My Studio has pictures

wish you had seen it when you all lived here shortly :-(

shelley in big sky said...

Hey Lisa...
too cool studio...the colors rock. long time no talk to, sorry about that...been way busy. i don't have a blog, the above mentioned is why, but i do have a website with a link to my studio my studio is white becuase it's in the basement, only space i got and it needs all the light it can get get...tell tony hi...happy well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,

I love your studio!! It's so open and the colors are fabulous! I don't have a blog, but will email you a couple of pictures of my studio. I hope that's OK.

Love my bronze wing, too!!


caroline douglas said...

HI Lisa!!!
First off, I love your studio!!! The colors, the space, your table, a color called cumin!@ Thanks for sharing.
I have a blog now that magic day in PT when we had food and art and you took me on that fabulous hike.. I love seeing your family too . It is really great to connect this way!