Monday, August 18, 2008

And The Winner Is......

First off a thanks to everyone who left a message and a pic of there studio.

The lucky winner is......

Thanks Lorelei, send me am email with your mailing address and i'll send your prize.

Are you wandering what Lorelei won? Well i made a pair of earings with the new bronze clay and added PMC with it. I've hammerd the texture in both pieces.

So I really love the bronze clay and i'm working on several more pieces, most of which will be with Tony this weekend in Philadelphia at the Bead Fest show. Make sure you stop by and say hello to Tony if your going to the show.

I will be teaching a PMC ring class this weekend in Asheville,NC at Cheveron Bead store.If your in the area and would like to join us you can call Cheveron to register 828-236-2323.

I made a mistake on our schedule and over booked us for the up comming weekend sooooo we will not be in Atlanta. Sorry........

I have a new plan for blogging and that is to post something every day(except for when we are both traveling out of town) a picture ,a word, whatever.Lets just put me to the challenge and see what happens.

I was visiting Lorelei's blog and she was talking about the challenges of blogging.There are so many but i think one of the biggest is we like to see that people are responding to the blogs and if your not we and i mean I am not motivated to keep blogging or post more often.So if your reading the blogs please leave a reply so we/i know your out there and your intrested.

We love to hear from you! You are our inspiration........untill tomorrow.........


lynne h said...

hey sweet woman... well i'll be checking in to see what's here everyday... and i agree -- the comments are the best part.

congratulations lorelei! i'm gonna go check out her blog and see what she's said about blogging!


Lorelei said...

I'm the WEENER!

I'll send an email.
You rock the hizouse.
thank you Lisa!

michelle said...

Good luck with the "daily" goal! You can do it!

kvk jewelry said...

Congratulations Lorelei! The earrings look great.

Man, I'm dying to try out the bronze! It's gonna have to wait a few more days - deep breath!

I'm enjoying those of us that are figuring out this whole blog thing. A challenge, but a fun one. Good luck with the ring class!
hugs - kvk