Thursday, May 1, 2008

New Website and Etsy Shop

We are so excited!

For the past several years we had someone else managing our website and doing an incredible job.But we really wanted to take on this challenge ourselves so with the help of good friends we have a start. Check out the website at and our new etsy shop .We actually have things there for sale,like the tortured hearts!So check it out and we'll have more on the website soon. Be patient with us we are really just learning how to do all this stuff.
While we where in Atlanta working on the web stuff Tony did a casting in bronze with Anne Choi.
wow! Wait till you see those pieces.There are wings,links and other findings and they look beautiful. With the bronze you can get great patinas like a green that looks as if its been out in the elements for a long time.Little treasures.I cant wait for you to see them! I'll try to get them finished and up later today.
Thanks again to our friends who have encouraged us to take this leap.


kvk jewelry said...

Hey! Congratulations on the Etsy shop! I know you'll do really well. It blows me away how many people look at the listings.

A friend here in town gave me some "listing pointers" that might be helpful... kind of string your listings along rather than do them all at once. You'll notice that people hit on the new stuff and the longer it's there, the fewer hits. She also said to use as many of the tags as you can - even put your name "zoa art" as a tag to help people find you. I've been looking at what other people do and have been plugging in up to all 14 tags.

Something else was after a week or two if stuff hasn't sold, pay the .20 and renew a few listings at a time. That plugs them back into the "new listing" zone. That's all I can remember right now.

Also, just curious if you have any of that background paper that maybe doesn't have those dark cross sections. On my screen, it makes it hard to read parts of your posts. It looks really cool -I love that stuff! - it just might be a little easier to read - that's it for feedback. Everything's looking great. Good luck with all the new directions!

Cynthia Thornton said...

Yay! Good luck on your new etsy shop! I love shopping there! Andrew has one of your hearts on his blog, it looks awesome.

lynne h said...

hi tony and lisa!

congratulations on your new blog and etsy shop! they both look great!!! so happy to see you posting lisa!

all is well with us... looks like things are great with you guys.


Joan Tucker and Lana Weed said...

Hi folks,
Great to hear you are blogging and growing and discovering. I love the tortured hearts. You were our first "encouragers" and this is year two for us in the business. We got in Bead and Button Show and are making porcelain that is oaak funky unique and fun. We do our own blog but had our designer do our site. Off Center Productions hopes you continue to thrive, create, and have a blast. You are respected by many artists and designers. Have a great summer. Blog away..Joan Tucker