Thursday, July 17, 2008

Picture Frames

So here are a few of the picture frames my daughter Ashleigh and I are making.We just need to add sayings to them and i'll get them up on etsy.

So if you have any beautiful words you'd like to offer up please feel free. I'm allways searching for beautiful sayings.

So heres a picture of my baby girl and me.She's so beautiful and such a great wife and mother.I'm so blessed to have such an inspirational daughter.

We are off to Charelston,Sc in the morning.I'll be teaching at The Beaded Venus saterday and sunday. Chain makeing w/PMC and rings.

Have a great weekend......Lisa


Lynn said...

Hey, those frames look great! I might want one without a saying, who knows?

I'm glad to see the picture of looked like she was hiding from you in yesterdays post! You look great togather...

See ya' later, hope the classes & truck show do wonderfully!

paula best said...

lisa...the frames are beautiful! and so is the pic of you and your daughter. you guys could be sisters!
glad you didn't miss project runway last night. :-)
have a great show this weekend. i am off to texas in the morning for a show there....hi to tony.

lynne h said...

lisa, you and ashleigh are so beautiful!!! all of this is just making me smile so much...

if you get back to my blog, i wrote a note back to you today...

have a great weekend and love to tony.


Anonymous said...

I love love LOVE the frames.
and of course, as a lover of words...the first quote that came to mind (since I would want a phot of henry and I)

Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever. -Unknown

Tony & Lisa Blackwell said...

Oh thanks Heather, I love that.

kvk jewelry said...

Hey darlin'

Yep, the frames are really terrific and no doubt will be well received by the masses! Thanks for checking out the my new website - I like it very much. The blog's overhaul is in the works as well (you probably noticed that as well).

I just called about the bronze clay and Rio's completely sold out. They started selling it on Tuesday and won't have any more til mid August! It's cheap - $17 for the 100gm and $29 for the 200gm. Stinks that I'll have to wait - ah well.

And as for new work - your stuff on Etsy is looking great as well. I know the new digs are feeding your creativity like mad and that's an amazing feeling - keep up the great work!

Okay, so it's fun to keep in touch this way... let's keep it up!
smooches - kvk

p.s. The first guy to go out on Runway - that outfit was seriously scary and I'm thinking the right people won and got auf'd last night - no favorites yet and no clear stars that we can see. The leather woman is unbelievably annoying.

Tony & Lisa Blackwell said...

Oh my Gosh! She's so annoying!
I just got my bronze clay in today but wont have time to play with it till next week.I'll let you know how it goes.You do realize you also need the tray and activated carbon.
This should be intresting.....Again i love your new site and everyone who reads this should check out kvk jewelry.

Frozen Yoga said...

Hi guys! I'm Sara and I met you at the IBS show in Charlotte on 7/27. I bought one of your tortured hearts and we discussed all that is great about blogs. Well, you inspired me and I started a blog for my etsy site (my store is So, without further ado, here is my blog...

Thanks! I love the heart by the way!

Vanessa said...

Love those frames!!

RachelDenbow said...

I didn't know you were a mom until I scrolled down to this post and I couldn't believe you were old enough to be her mom! You look like her sister. Three years difference, tops.

Your jewelry work is beautiful!