Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Loft and Studio

Okay so here it is.We are just tickled with this space and want to share it .So several pictures and as we get things organized there will be more.We are still working on our studio space but its coming along and its going to be fantastic, it is fantastic! 2200 square feet of studio work space..
Tony in the alley finding treasures.2200 square feet of living/loft space.
WOW! Studio space in the process of organizing.

So much to do and so much space to do it in! I still cant believe that we have this entire building.


laurelmoon said...

That's marvelous! What a lovely place to grow and create. Good luck!

paula best said...

glad you guys are blogging again! this is a wonderful inspiring looking space! congratulations...paula

lynne h said...

tony, thank you for stopping by my place! : )

yeah, i'm still drawing/painting after our days in pt... that was the start for me. and not long before we left pt i got a little canon that i am totally addicted to taking pics with. i LOVE taking pictures!!

oh my goodness, this place looks AWESOME!! wow, almost unbelievable... i am sooo happy that you're here and now have this huge and lovely space to create in. when you get settled post some pics of what you're creating here-- i want to see!

so glad that we can stay in touch this way...


kvk jewelry said...

wowie zowie!!!
so very cool and jinormous and ever so exciting. Hope this one sticks and that all's well down south.
BTW - PROJECT RUNWAY starts up again on the 16th - that's this Wednesday! WooHoo!

off to start din-din

Anonymous said...

your new digs are fantastic!!!!
congrats ya'll =)

Tonya Davidson said...

Congrats Tony and Lisa!

May it be filled with lots of creativity, wonderful students and customers, and pure joy!



Joan Tucker and Lana Weed said...

Congrats on dream space! Lana and I actually have a space sketched out that looks like your very own reality. Amazing. Perfect! Good for you. It makes everything seem possible, seeing proof that it can be done. Joan Tucker and Lana Weed
Off Center Productions

Anonymous said...

kudos to ya'll and lots o' love and muy grande besos being sent your way!!!
Fantastic space and really love knowing that ya'll are just fine and peachy keen.
Your friend forever,

random notes said...

Hi guys
Can't imagine why you would ever leave this space ever ever again.
Maybe for a teaching gig in Saluda some day soon? Let's get it on the schedule.

Bev & Mike said...

Oh my word your place is awesome!
We're so happy for you both. Hope to see you soon!! xoxo Bev & Mike