Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Art Day With Our Girls

What a great day!
Lets see......Paintting, Coloring, sidewalk chaulk on the cement studio floor, bike ridding in the 2200 sq.ft of the studio and did i mention tatoos? Yes ,sponge bob tatoos.....
we all had so much fun and Ashleigh ( my daughter) and i got to work on our beautiful frames we are making.Photos of those soon.
So anyway heres a day in our life with our girls.

Heres Ash,working on a design for our frames.Kassy....She's so focused.Nathea and the studio floor.Sponge Bob tatoos......Oh and i forgot to mention .......Tony and the girls learning how to build wax trees.We'll have them casting in no time.These are the best times in our lives.Such joy........


lynne h said...

wow, oh wow!!! nathea and kassy have grown! soooo happy to see these pics, lisa. all of this just makes me really happy...


kvk jewelry said...

fun fun fun
wow, so wonderful how things have changed.
alas - no pizza for me ... gave up most dairy in favor of virtually no allergies - now I pay a heavy price when I do eat cheese ... not fun.
Enjoy your space, the kids and Runway!