Thursday, September 22, 2011

Artist Rees Hogue / A Happy Life

For the last several months Tony and I have been working with Rees and his family to help him with his dream of creating his own jewelry line. I would like you all to meet Rees.
This is his story...............


Ress's mother Dana and I began emailing back and forth sometime in July.They initially where interested in our number 12 charm that we made and wanted to buy them at wholesale. Dana began to tell me Ress's story and his vision and had also mentioned this drawing he had created and we began to talk about getting a stamp made to use with the PMC. She found a great company who made the stamps. Dana sent the stamps to me and i began designing Rees's vision. 
Now we have been going back and forth with emails for just about a month when Dana tells me that Rees would really like to meet me before he had to start back to school and would it be okay if they made a road trip to South Carolina for a meeting. I'm so excited and naturally agree but in the back of my mind I'm thinking this probably wont happen........... I mean they are in Arkansas!
Well they did make it. On a Saturday morning Dana text me to say they made it to Atlanta Friday evening and would be in Greenville,SC to see me at about 3pm. 
They pulled up in front of my house right at 3pm, Rees his mom,dad and older sister.
I had several designs for Rees that I had made with PMC. We talk about business and the look that he wanted and I got the go ahead from the boss ( Rees) to have Tony start casting the pieces.
Rees and his family spent about 2 hours with me. They spent the night in a hotel in downtown Greenville,had a great dinner then got up and drove home the next day! Now that's dedication to your child and to his dream.
Here are the designs we came up with.......

 Dog tag in Shibuichi.

Pendent in Shibuichi polished to silver.

Pendent in Shibuichi. 

And small round earring components cast in Shibuichi and polished to silver.

Each piece has Rees's signature on the back.

Here is what Rees has created..........

This is Rees's vision........... His Company.........
 A Happy Life.
If you'd like to participate in Rees's vision and order one or more of these beautiful pieces you can do so at or call 870-931-7092. You can also check out Rees's blog to follow him on his journey.
I cant express how excited I am to be a part of this journy with you Rees. Thank You!


Lynn said...

Very nice job, Rees & Lisa!

Tony and Lisa Blackwell said...

Thanks Lynn!

lynne h said...

oh my, this stopped me in my tracks, lisa... thank you... i *love* the design! i love rees,and you and everybody else!!!


Tony and Lisa Blackwell said...

Thanks Lynne!
We have been totally blessed to work with Rees.I hope you'll visit his blog and make comments. He pick everything out on his blog and is very excited. He feels like a rock star and we think he is.

Rees said...

Yes i am!!!!!