Saturday, May 16, 2009

Its my Birthday and I'll do what I want to.......

Great another Birthday is upon me and I'm feelin fine...........
Tony has given me a wonderful gift........This weekend I am taking a two day class with
Michael Demeng The Mad Alchemist Cabinet. I can't even express how much fun I had today! Oh wait yes I can! I Had SOOOOO Much Fun! A little stressful at first because I had no clue as to what the heck I was doing, but Michaels a great teacher and the other students (who have done this kinda art before) where very helpful.
I'm realy nervous with paint and Michael had some great technics and tips for color mixing and applying paint.
Here are a few pictures from todays class.This is what we started with.A plain wooden shadowbox sorta thing. I applied some sort of kitchen calking stuff to it for texture then started putting objects on it and painting.

Checkout this eye pendent I made.FYI......I'm working on a few of these for Bead & Button.

So by the end of today I had my first layer of paint and a few objects in place.......

I cant wait to show you the finished piece.........Happy Birthday to me.I'm singing that.

I also just taught a class in Mount Pleasant,SC at the beaded Venus.I love those girls! We had such a great time with bronze and copper clay.

We did have a few green hands..........Hummmm........Copper.

Thanks girls and I hope to see you this summer for a play date.
Update on Lucy and Zen........New collars!
I can go a little crazy on etsy buying collars/necklaces for my babies.This is just a couple.
From . Lucy in the Tattood Bitch.

And Zen in Tatoo Be Doo also by Lucky Fiona.

And a BIG thank you to there Auntie Paula Best for Zens new collar

Here are a few of Zen at the dog park hangin with his friends.

Zen with Sloan and I think thats Harly.So darn cute!

One last thing to look at. Checkout this necklace

I've been having a lot of fun although very busy getting ready for Bead & Button.So after tomorrow its back to work,work,work.......


sharon said...

Happy Birthday! What a great gift!!!
can't wait to see that cabinet when your done cause it looks sooo cool.

Love, love, love that necklace.....stunning Lisa!!

Tony and Lisa Blackwell said...

Thanks so much Sharon,
I'm very excited about the cabinet.
More pics to come.......

Lynn said...

I'm so jealous! Not that you're older, I can live without adding to that number -- but the workshop! Sounds like lovely fun and I wish I'd known - coulda' handled adding that to my life with ease!

Well, I'll just look forward to viewing your soon-to-be-fabulous creation!


peacockfairy said...

Sounds like you had a great birthday! Can't wait for Bead & Button!

Seth said...

Happy Birthday! And what a great gift!

Crazy Art Girl said...

Love the necklace, looks a tad heavy. Bet you could hurt someone with that but I would wear it.