Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Alchemist Box

Well I had a most wonderful time this past weekend in Michael Demeng's class.

My Box is, lets see how do I put it? Mild.......Compared to most others in the class. Most everyone there had done this kind of art before or had taken Michaels class and I just had no clue what to expect or how to really prepare.Well I'll tell you I do now.I cant wait to start my next box!

Here is my project.My vision was to bring old metals that we've found in the alleyway outside our building together with new metals that we cast.I love the mixture of metals.Also objects that are very meaningful to us.

Here in the jar I have a few of Lucy's baby teeth. I also wanted to show somewhat of the prosses of casting by having not only the cast piece(the skull) but also the same piece in wax.The eye I made out of the new copper clay.I'm working on a few of these as pendents for B&B.

I painted this picture when we lived in Port Townsend. Lynn,Tony and I would spend a lot of hours up on a bluff painting and journaling.I love this little guy.Its called Miracles Happen.
There was a time in my life when my daughter and I didnt talk.Out of the blue one day she called and the next day I painted this.......Miracles do happen so I wanted this to be a part of the box.I think it fits and I love the colors. it was a happy day......

The finished piece.........

The other students where just amazing and there work is inspiring.Here are a few pictures of there work.

So many talented people and what a great group to work with.

A big thanks going out to Michael.You've help to open my mind/imagination to a new vision.The wheels are turning and I can see my work evolving. Thank you so much.

This was the best Birthday ever!............


Gaea said...

So beautiful! What fun that must be!

sharon said...

This is great!!!

Anonymous said...

Very cool! What a fun experience that would be :)

Kelli R. in Santa Fe

lynne h said...

hey lisa! wow! a lot happening here! first of all, happy late birthday, and it sounds like it just couldn't have been better.

boy, i LOVE this box -- oh, man, i can see you going places with this... and the eye pendant is VERY cool!

the painting you did in pt! that seems like a long, long time ago, doesn't it?

and in the post before this, the necklace in the last pic is just killer. go, go, go!!

happy spring to you and tony... have a great b & b....


random notes said...

Great pics of the class Lisa & I am so glad that you joined us here at Random Arts. Thank you so much.
I just loved you incorporated your work in the alchemist cabinet. Definitely a conversation piece and needless to say the perfect way to display your castings. It is always a joy to see you.

Crazy Art Girl said...

I think I saw that at B& B. I am glad you had a wonderful birthday. You looked like you had a grea time. I love Michael. He is a great teacher. Hope you had a happy Happy!