Wednesday, May 18, 2011

new picture frames!

i know its been awhile..........but i have been productive.
i'm calling this zoa art industrial edge home collection.

  picture frame 324 is acrylic on wood. tony makes the frames for me and this one measures 36x24 and holds
a 5x7 picture.

 no 978 is acrylic on canvas and measures 24x18.

5 & 9 are also acrylic on canvas and they each measure 10x8.

these next two picture frames 24 & 78 are acrylic on wood and measure 12x12 holding a 5x7 picture.

no.924 is a wood frame with plaster and painted with acrylic. it measures 24x21 and holds a 5x7 picture.

no.73 is acrylic on wood and measures 19x18 and holds a 5x7 picture.

i'll be adding all of them to our etsy shop in the next couple of days.


Alice Schmidt said...

very cool

Angelia said...

such a talented team of artist!! very cool!!

Zymeth Blues said...

You can put a lot more designs on that frame that would fit the "industrial" theme that you've set. You sure did an amazing job coming up with this kind of picture frame. The name definitely fits how they look. Kudos!