Wednesday, February 23, 2011

floor stain!

oh my.........i have spent the weekend staining the concrete floor in our new studio!i love it!i can't be prouder of this are a few pics.

this is before.......the floor had this carpeting that was glued to the concrete so we had to get all of that removed.

it was not that easy to remove all the glue and old paint so we got a few pros to do that job and this is what the floor looked like once all the glue and paint where gone.

and this is what they look like now.........after tony and i stained them.

i love them so........
i'll start painting thursday morning with my new paint colors..........i'm sure i've changed my mind on colors at least 20 times.
we will have to move our grand opening to april 1 and that is "first friday" in april. we had way more to do than we thought and are also working around electricians and plumbers and floor scraping........oh my!
we will still have our doors open for "first friday" in march so come by and see our progress!
have i mentioned how excited we are?...........


mairedodd said...

congratulations! the floor looks fabulous ~

Seth said...

GREAT color.

Off the Beadin' Path said...

I'd love to see that in person! Your hard work will reward you, that floor has such a warm glow. A creative atmosphere makes all the difference! Hope you have hoards of people!

Jen Crossley said...

Looks awesome LOve it