Tuesday, November 17, 2009

new stuff

i've been hard at work on a few new pieces and updating our etsy shop.

this is a new wing i've been working on. i made it out of the bronze clay. its slightly smaller than our original wing and more tatterd.

tony is making a mold of it today and he will cast it this weekend.

these are a few hollow hearts made from pmc.

and another.


and a few fun pendents.

i call this one fragments.

the long piece is shibuichi and the half circle is silver.
this pendent is a mixture of bronze,copper and silver.

i'm working on getting all of these pieces in our etsy shop and a few more new ones.but i have updated the shop with some good old favorites so please do check that out at http://www.zoaart.etsy.com/ .

i am also working on a holiday news letter and i must say its rather enticing.if your not signed up for our news letter you can do it here on this page. just look on the right side under find us here and sign up.

well tony just made me afternoon coffee and we are headed out to the back deck to enjoy it.



Lorelei said...

Aww, afternoon coffee on the deck sounds delightful! sounds so much better than being stuck in the office! You guys are so lucky!
I am LOVING the new stuff you did! That heart is SUPER. Gonna have to get one of those. And I Love the new wing. Ideas are a' swirling!

Mari said...

Loveee the new wing and the heart. I want both!!!

Mari from Puerto Rico

Esther said...

the heart is just magical!!

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