Friday, January 30, 2009

Etsy Update!

Alien Monkey Skull........

Alright so i've just posted a few new things on etsy.
Last week i put up four tortured hearts and sold them before i could even talk about them here.Well now there are more so check them out.
Also i have a new heart up.This is Shibuichi but polished to a more silvery look with hints of copper.Tony likes to play around with the polishing to see what he can get and we like this look.
The prickly heart.

He also polished some of our wing the same way.

And here's a few heart's......

I cant leave without talking a little about our Lucy.
Today Lucy recieved a package! A gift from her Auntie Paula Best.

Paula has a wonderful line of dog collars!

Soooo sweet!

Thank you so much antie Paula,i love my new collar.............luv lucy lu

Also i will be adding more things to our etsy shop this coming week . More brand new stuff!



DanaK Photography said...

Owww, I like the prickly hearts, that is cool.

Seth said...

That heart and those fine!

vivian said...

these are amazing!

Tony and Lisa Blackwell said...

Thanks......The hearts are really fun and i just finished a new heart pendent that Tony will be casting this weekend.

paula best said...

awwww. lucy looks so adorable in her collar! i will have to put one of her on the dog site! great pics. love the hearts the prickly ones , you guys have been busy! :-)