Friday, March 21, 2008

The Weekend

Well it's the weekend and we're off and running.

I really am trying to get better at this whole blog thing.We just have so much going on.We are working on casting and getting stuff done for our web site. And we'll have lots of new stuff soon.Tony's working on beads and tortured hearts and I'm working on orders and some custom gallery pieces and website,website, website pieces arhhhhhhh. Please dont give up on us,Penny.

Tony and I are also in the beging stages of writting a book. who knows how long this will take but we'll keep you updated on this whole book thing.

Oh yaaaaa Tony just told me he's sending a box of beads out today to put on the website. Penny will be happy......Penny is like our web manager she takes care of all that web business for us and she's sooooo very patient and I just know she wants to smack us around just a little.Thanks for all the love Penny.......And understanding.

Okay so I need to get to work and we'll talk soon.

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littlebranch said...

Lawd, lawd the world must surely be comin' to an end - Lisa's typing on the blog! I just looked at the new blog and there you are - very stylie set-up! And a book??? What could it be, what could it be??? Very curious about that. Anyway, just wanted to send my congratulations for putting yourself out there. Scary thing is, I'm thinking about doing the same thing - I'll keep you posted.
Big cyber smooches! - Kathy in "will spring ever get here - PT"